Accident Awareness

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Last year alone, 47 people were killed in work related accidents, with many thousands more injured. To find out why workplace safety and health makes sense, not nonsense, 

Accidents cost money & damage your reputations!

A case study conducted by the Health and Safety Authority where twenty workplace accidents were investigated from various work sectors and locations around Ireland. The term accident was broadly defined and includes stress and violence related incidents The average cost of the twelve middle-range accidents was approximately €52,000. The costs found were in almost all cases underestimates as productivity losses (with one exception) were not recorded by employers.

Employer costs from the accidents included salary costs for replacement staff or overtime payments, production and productivity losses, retraining costs, personal injury claim compensation, repair bills, medical & travel expenses and increased supervision. Salary costs were the largest cost category, being nearly half (45%) of total losses.

Resentment towards the employer from the injured employee was also
reported. Over one-third of the injured employees reported a ‘significant’ or ‘large’ amount of resentment towards the employer after the accident.  HSA 2021

Stop wasting time on H&S documentation!

A recent survey conducted by Health & Safety Professionals found

  • 37% of time is spent managing and chasing Health & Safety Documentation
  • 23% of RAMS are rejected the first time they are sent in for approval.
  • On average 3.4 hrs per day are spent drafting RAMS
  • Time can be lost uploading details and training certs

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Managing Health and Safety Documentation

Responsibility with regards to fire fighting equipment

A Competent Person is obligated by SHWWA 2005 & Fire Services Act 1981 & 2003  to carry out, or arrange for, a fire risk assessment of the business premises.

As part of the fire risk assessment, the premises must be equipped with the appropriate fire detection and fire detection systems and appropriate fire extinguishers.

You have duty to ensure fire extinguishers are readily available on your premises and that an adequate number of people are trained to use them if a fire were to occur. In order to remain compliant with the current Irish Standards I.S. 291:2015 The provision, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers must undergo a yearly service.

You must ensure that an annual inspection and service is carried out by a reputable and competent service provider such as Certrain


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Richard in Certain is great at his job. His method statement and risk assessments have gotten me over the line on numerous occasions. Really appreciate his attention to detail. Thanks again.
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