Leading the way in safety outsourcing and management systems

Our Mission

” Our mission is to provide practical safety consultants to deliver practical safety solutions and ensuring we exceed our clients expectations and continually grow”



Certrain’s mission is to ensure that our clients and their employees and those affected by their work activities are protected from work related injury and ill-health.

We do this by designing and implementing safety management systems that are inline with ISO 45001 Occupations Safety and Health which are globally recognised standards for health and safety in the workplace.  We also provide ongoing support, information and advice across all sectors, including:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Fishin
  • Entertainment
  • Minin
  • Construction,
  • Agriculture and
  • Food services

Whether you run a small, medium and large multinationals organisation. we can assit you with your safety requirements.  Our aim it to offer practical safety consultants that can deliver practical safety solutions which will promote accident prevention, and providing.  We are leading the way in safety outsourcing and management systems

Our Strategic Priorities are to:

  • Promote: Support, educate and raise awareness to prevent accidents, injuries and ill health.
  • Develop our clients safety managemetn system at a minimum to meet the requirements of ISO 45001. 
  • How we Work: Improve the way we work through people, processes and technology and personal development.


Our specific goals to achieve our mission are as follows:

  • Ensure the highest levels of customer service for our consultancy clients
  • Provide training courses that exceed delegate’s expectations
  • Make the organisation a productive and enjoyable place to work
  • Establish a highly profitable organisation

If you would like to find out more about our business goals and how we go about providing top-class training and consultancy services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team.

Health and Safety Outsourcing

HEALTH AND SAFETY OUTSOURCING:  It is paramount that health and safety are the topmost priority of any organization and can never be taken lightly. It often happens that the things we put on a lesser priority list come back with the tenfold potential resulting in devastating effects. The same is the case with health and safety compliance! Neglecting the health and safety checklist can be very risky. Healthy and safety outsourcing for your organization or company puts this health risk to a minimum without any worry. Let’s dig deeper into it!

Benefits of Health and safety outsourcing:   Many organizations and companies in Ireland have been enjoying the endless benefits of outsourcing their health and safety management. Here are the advantages of health and safety outsourcing, if you are considering it for your business or organization.

Cost-effectivenes:  The overhead expenses of hiring a full time or even a part-time employee can be highly expensive and can never be budget-friendly! Health and safety compliance is the legal requirement that cannot be ignored. Outsourcing health and safety provides you with the opportunity to consult an expert whenever you need the advice. Outsourcing health and safety dramatically minimizes the cost and make sure you only pay when you need it.

Increased productivity:   Outsourcing the health and safety sector can ensure increased productivity of your organization. There is a lot included health and safety compliance, by getting the help from professional consultants, who have vast experience and knowledge about company policies to letter and procedures, can free up your internal resources to better concentrate on the issues that need your attention.

Minimizes the risk:  Outsourcing health and safety ensures a reduced risk of legal and financial implications of not operating within health and safety law. By pre-planning for situations, your health and safety policy can massively mitigate risks for your organization like a  virtual safety net ready to catch you if you fall off. In addition to this, outsourcing to a professional health and safety service provider is knowing that you are getting the updated and legally compliant health and safety advice.

Enjoy more flexibility:  Health and safety are so essential that you can never afford to be a non-compliant at any stage with health and safety regulations. The relationship that is formed between you and your supporting consultancy help you find the solutions to your concerns without worry and hassle. This aspect ensures a great deal of flexibility.

Saves the time:  Going through the tons of documents regarding the health and safety legislation and finding our what best suits your organization can be a very hectic and time-consuming task. Free yourself from this burden by assigning this task to professionals. Outsourcing health and safety can save a lot of your precious time to invest it in activities beneficial for the success of your organization.

Outsourcing the health and safety sector is an excellent initiative to make sure your organization runs smoothly with minimal risk, high flexibility, and enhanced productivity. Are you in need of a firm with an excellent reputation in the? Certrain is the most suitable option to choose.