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Our driving academy provides a modern and innovative approach to learning to drive

"What really helped me was the way learning continued outside of the car with Certrain's online learning platform."
Claire Lane

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

EDT is a course of 12 one-hour sessions. These sessions are designed to cover certain critical driving skills and improve your practical driving skills.

As you complete each session, your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress in a specially issued logbook.

You should also have a Sponsor, an experienced driver (many learner drivers choose a family member) who will supervise your driving practice outside of sessions, and will also track your progress in your logbook.

After you finish your EDT course, you may still need additional lessons with an ADI to improve your driving skills. Additionally, you should practice with your Sponsor as much as possible to get comfortable behind the wheel.

courses designed specifically for your needs!

We offers fully personalised lessons tailored to your goals, whether you want to pass your exam quickly or take your time getting used to being behind the wheel. All of our lessons follow the RSA’s learning to drive syllabus and offer the highest standards of safety, allowing you to enjoy driving in a safe and friendly environment.

Our courses are designed to build experience and confidence in all of our learner drivers at a pace that suits you. Certrain offers a unique online learning portal that enables you to learn from the comfort of your home and prepare yourself for the next practical in car lesson, giving you an edge in learning whilst ensuring that you’ll spend as much time driving as possible – not talking to the instructor about driving. This approach ensures not only that you’ll progress quickly – but also that you’ll get the absolute most from your money.

At Certrain you get to choose the time and length of your lessons so they fit perfectly into your schedule. Our instructors will take your previous knowledge and goals into account, making our programme perfect for both experienced and novice drivers alike and letting you progress at the pace that works for you. Whether you want to slowly build confidence or quickly pass your test, you can’t go wrong with Certrain Driving Academy


developing safer responsible drivers

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